PixelTools Vol. 1 PowerGrade Collection Updated to v1.1.0


Hey folks!

Today we are releasing a free update for our PixelTools Vol. 1 PowerGrade Collection. 

This update (version 1.1.0) changes the following:

  • Added LOG versions of every Look PowerGrade
  • Introduced additional Camera Log Transform Utility PowerGrades
  • Introduced additional Utility PowerGrades - Noise Reduction, Saturation Limiter, & S-Curve.
  • Adjusted LAB Saturation Boost Utility PowerGrades.
  • Renamed Blue Yellow Look PowerGrades to Cyan Red Split.
  • Adjusted Old Worn VHS Look PowerGrades to be less aggressive.
  • Replaced Kodak 4 & 5 Look PowerGrades with alternative film emulations, based on user feedback.

You can download the updated PowerGrade packages from the My Account section of our website or by using the download link from the 

As always, should you have any questions please contact us.