PixelTools DCTL Plug-in Collection

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Shuen Zhou
Amazing tools!

Jason's Hue shift and Splittone tools are amazing! About Hue shift, I really like that I can control Hue,Sat and Density all in one page in better colour science than built-in ones. Resolve built-in curve is too flexible to fine-tune, Splittone DCTL makes it way easier to accurately control the RGB curves and it has become part of my look dev workflow now! I really love the Clean Whites and Clean Blacks controllers but I'd also love if there's a 'Clean Gray' option. Cuz many times I wanna keep the range near skintone neutral instead of just a neutral gray point. Hope Jason can consider this idea!

Rob Bergqvist
PixelTools DCTL Plug-in Collection

Owning most of the other PixelTools collections, I had pretty high expectations. Even with these high expectations, I was blown away by this collection! The ease-of-use and power improves and speeds up my workflow by an incredible amount. Testing out looks is a breeze with these tools - I just wish I had these before my last project! I would have been able to get a better resuls in minutes compared to the hours I spent.

Jason and the team have excellled yet again!

Marcelo Lutter-Paz
Invaluable time saver!

I’ve been trying to replicate this same look with curves, HSV/HSL nodes and other complicated methods. Not only they don’t look as good as this DCTL but the time you save by having it all crafted in just a few sliders is invaluable.
So, it’s a serious investment that will save you loads of time.
I personally use it at the end of the chain for look dev but you can use it wherever you want. Great addition to your toolkit!

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Adam Smith
Best for the money.

This is the best bundle you can get for effective pre built DCTLs for the price. There are some other tools out that that are double the price, but they offer less control over the luminance of a given value.