PixelTools Vol. 1 PowerGrade Collection

PixelTools Vol. 1 PowerGrade Collection

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  • 100+ PowerGrade presets you'll actually want to use. Some subtle, some extreme, and everything in between
  • Fully modular design provides significant artistic control while maintaining efficiency
  • 100% customizable - why shouldn't you have full control over every aspect of the look
  • No plug-ins needed
  • Supports every camera supported by Resolve 


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Rob Bergqvist
Powerful tools

The PowerGrades Jason and his team have developed are exceptional. What I like most (apart from being able to quickly audition several looks) is that I can view each node and either fine-tune to my liking or to learn how the looks are being put together. Great work!

Tobia Montanari Lughi
Great collection of utilities

Some more useful than others, but I’d strongly recommend these powergrades to whoever is looking to build his own collection of tools & looks.

Kevin Stratton
Fantastic product

Amazing product! Jason is a talented guy who has shared with us an awesome and affordable set of tools. Speeds up my work significantly and allows me to audition multiple looks for clients incredibly fast while also giving me flexibility and adjustment at any stage of the project. Love this product can’t recommend enough.

William Abucay
One of my favorite powergrade collections!

This is well constructed and very easy to use. Whenever I hit a creative roadblock I always refer to these powergrades for inspiration that I can build looks on. This is a solid piece of product and I highly recommend it!

Don't take our word for it


The look are more consistent and more flexible compare using LUTs. Jason & his team even take the extra effort to help me with my grade. Personally I think it is a steal




PixelTools are a must-have utility anywhere I work. It’s among the first group of PowerGrades I reach for when a client demands something unique and interesting.

Marc Wielage, C.S.I

Los Angeles, CA


These tool(s) are such a great starting point for a grade. [They] give you so much more flexibility than a lut, and I love being able to explore the structure and the content of the nodes.

Seth M

New Orleans, Louisiana