• Jason Bowdach, CSI

    Founder and Lead Colorist





"In today’s world of short deadlines, it’s great to be able to make a base grade and apply PixelTools to give you a great look. The best thing is that they are completely customizable. This is great for editors who just want to get a look on their edit before sending it off to clients.”

Twain Richardson, Editor, Frame of Reference, @twainrichardson

"Unlike LUTs, PowerGrades are infinitely flexible because you can see every parameter and adjust them, if needed. I'd highly recommend PixelTools to any professional using DaVinci Resolve."

Chris Colton, Colton Media Productions, @chris_colton

"As a long-form colorist, I have a lot of favorite PowerGrades that I use in Resolve sessions. PixelTools is just the kind of thing I’ll grab everyday to solve common problems or to give clients yet another option during a session. They’re surprisingly well-done and far more useful than LUTs."

Marc Wielage, Chroma | Hollywood


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