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Powerful tools

The PowerGrades Jason and his team have developed are exceptional. What I like most (apart from being able to quickly audition several looks) is that I can view each node and either fine-tune to my liking or to learn how the looks are being put together. Great work!

PixelTools offers one of the best powergrade collections in the market!

The Film Lab package offers a Kodak 2383 emulation which works in scene referred ArriLogC space allowing you to map it to SDR and HDR easily. It's built entirely using native resolve tools and gives you the flexibility to customise all aspects to your liking. I really like the Volume 1 powergrades too(especially the 2strip and 3strip grades). They help you to find inspiration and a good starting point for creating the perfect look for your project.

Fantastic Tools!

Everything I expected for all my top projects. Exceeded my Expectations !

Fabulous & one of the essentials even for junior colorists

Took me more than months to test tons of presets. Being a junior colorist their presets helped me a lot to cut down the extra time to create look, elements manually. Even some of the presets like emulations are equivalent to some of the 3rd party plugins that cost way more than the complete package sold by pixel tools. Needless to say, the complete non-destructive workflow & ready-made node tree I can't compare with any other similar product available on market.

Great collection of utilities

Some more useful than others, but I’d strongly recommend these powergrades to whoever is looking to build his own collection of tools & looks.

Quick decisions

It great for quick look decision choices

Fantastic product

Amazing product! Jason is a talented guy who has shared with us an awesome and affordable set of tools. Speeds up my work significantly and allows me to audition multiple looks for clients incredibly fast while also giving me flexibility and adjustment at any stage of the project. Love this product can’t recommend enough.

Amazing Collection

The collection is easy to use, looks fantastic for my project! The look is more consistent and more flexible compare using LUTs. Jason & his team even take the extra effort to help me with my grade. Personally I think it is a steal!


Very good product in terms of controls and adjustability. I can't give 5 stars, however, until the "neon lights" trouble is resolved in HDR. Moreover, the user guide has to be more clear about the processing in HDR. For me (with latest Davinci Resolve version) suggested RCM off doesn't work at all and I had to experiment a lot to make it work in HDR. I didn't try processing in SDR, as I have no interest in that.

Love it

Great Powergrades! Just what i was looking for. The halation and grain presets are my favs. Also I had a problem with the payment and they solve It really fast so great customer service too!

Film Lab PowerGrades

Robust and versatile PowerGrades that are deeply editable and offer an insightful look under the hood

A must-have for serious colorists

PixelTools is a must-have utility anywhere I work. It’s among the first group of PowerGrades I reach for when a client demands something unique and interesting.

Wonderful tool

This tool is such a great starting point for a grade. It gives you so much more flexibility than a lut, and I love being able to explore the structure and the content of the nodes.

Thank you so much for this masterpiece

What can i say…
It’s really easy to apply & very flexible.
I love the fact that you don’t need any plug ins.

And if you take a look under the hood ( node tree construction… application of the different tools of DaVinci and so on)…
which is something you can not do with plug ins. ( I mean how they actually work under the surface)
I, for my part, have gained a lot of insight from it..

Again thanks for doing this stuff!
And a quick side note:
Check out Lowepost and Jasons Course on Look Development!!!

One of my favorite powergrade collections!

This is well constructed and very easy to use. Whenever I hit a creative roadblock I always refer to these powergrades for inspiration that I can build looks on. This is a solid piece of product and I highly recommend it!

A Great Investment

I have been a beta tester, so I know how much work has gone into creating these incredible and innovative film emulation instruments. Because they are Powergrades, they easily pop into your workflow. They are also educational because you can peek under the hood and learn how a senior colorist works and gain insight into some of the less thought about/typically used tools in Resolve. Pull the trigger. You won't regret it.

Well prepared.

I have been able to take advantage of the PixelTools powergrades on numerous projects - commercial and theatrical, with solid results. It is clear that serious time was put in to do this right.

Excellent Film Emjlation and timesaver

Quality of the loooks are excellent and and very flexible application.


i love it

Good product - if you need a film look

i dont use all of the grades, most of them not much usefull. but the film looks are great!

Great grading toolset

Frankly, I was tired of scouring the Internet for decent LUTs that were affordable or free. A lot have been hit or miss. I heard someone mention Pixeltools and it sounded intriguing. I am 100% satisfied. Pixeltools delivers where other companies fall short.

Excellent collection

Amazing Tools for People Learning Resolve

I am starting my career in Colour Grading and these tools are not only extremely useful every time I grade but provide an amazing insight into how the Resolve tools can be used to the best of their ability.
I often spend time breaking down these powergrades to gain a better understanding of how Resolve’s tools can be used to create interesting looks and techniques.

A lot of presets, some useful, many not.

What the title says.

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the powergrade is so good!!!

thank you for your email,i feel the powergrade is so good!!!the cinefilm style is perfact!but i think if you add more fashion/ tvc /jepan/South Korea colorstyle in next edition。we will love it more!Wish your team better and better!!!