PixelTools hueShift DCTL Plug-In

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The "Missing" Subtractive Saturation Tool from DaVinci Resolve
The [hueShift DCTL] may be the only color product I’ve reviewed that I’d say is a “must have” just based on the fact that I’ve used so many HSL/HSV workarounds and never been overly thrilled with the results. hueShift is far more granular and simpler to use.

Kenny McMillan

I worked various shots and compared the workflow versus getting close to that same look with hue/sat curves or the color warper.PixelTools hueShift was simpler and more responsive, all within a single panel of sliders.

Oliver Peters, Digital Films

I was using an HSV node and messing with it to achieve my desired results. Since I replaced that node with [hueShift], everything become so fast. Honestly worth the price, quick, easy, and powerful solution!

Miguel S.

I have never been satisfied by the way Resolve does saturation. I have been looking for ways to get organic, film-like saturation that [adds] depth to the colors. [hueShift] has been a godsend for my work.

David M.

Great plug-in! Well worth the value. Saves a ton of time in the grade, Best one on the market. I’ve been grading for 8 years, this feels like a cheat code to making digital footage saturate like film.

Sean M

I am completely blown away by the ease of use and stunning results I’m getting. [hueShift] has completely changed my workflow and has already helped me land new work. Worth every penny!

Russ C.

The "Missing" Subtractive Saturation Tool from DaVInci Resolve.

Secondaries, Simplified.

"Subtractive" Saturation in Action

See PixelTools hueShift visually compares to other commonly used saturation controls.

Native Resolve Saturation

hueShift DCTL "Subtractive" Saturation


Native Resolve Saturation

hueShift DCTL "Subtractive" Saturation


Native Resolve Saturation

hueShift DCTL "Subtractive" Saturation


Customer Reviews

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Giving a new life on creative grading

The PixelTools hueShift DCTL Plug-In has been not just a life saver for color grading difficult scenes but also a great creative tool to help bring my vision to life, especially in grading skin and other isolated colours (sky, trees etc) Would highly recommend to anyone that wants more control over their grading.

Keep up the amazing work guys!


This is definitely one of the most useful plug-ins I've used for colour grading


PixelTools hueShift DCTL Plug-In

B. Ramos
Excellent plug-in!

Truly excellent. I can reach certain effects on the hue/sat that would be quite unhandy to do with native Resolve tools or sometimes not really possible at all, with cleaner results and easy to tweak later on. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I think the GUI could be improved. Right now the entire list of adjustments per color is just a bunch of words and sliders. If I'm in a hurry, I can get stuck trying to find the correct slider for what I want to do and waste precious time. Some better spacing and visual aids to find each color/tool would make it faster. Also the implementation on the BM Mini Panel is good, but it's not really optimized. For example: the green Hue, Sat and Den should be on the same page, skin should be on the first page, among other small quality of life stuff I could name... Besides these small things, worth the money!