PixelTools Film Lab PowerGrade Collection

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  • Over 34+ Unique PowerGrade presets developed entirely within DaVinci Resolve 17 
  • Built around the timeless Kodak 2383 Print Stock (with more coming soon!)
  • Scene-Referred Arri Log C color pipeline supports SDR, HDR, and Cinema-DCI P3
  • Wide Camera Support - RED, Arri, BMD, Panasonic, Sony, Fuji, Canon, and Rec709
  • Unique Drag & Drop Photochemical Look Creation Workflow
    • Includes 3 Presets for Grain, Halation, Gate Weave, and Diffusion
  • "No Hassle" Licensing, Instant Download
  • No Additional Plug-Ins Required, seriously!
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac Versions
  • Free Updates for One Year - includes new stocks!
2393_Film_Lab_Before.jpg REC709 UNGRADED
2393_Film_Lab_After.jpg KODAK 2383 (EXP + PRINTER POINTS)
1.25.3_1.25.3_Before.jpg REC709 UNGRADED
1.25.3_1.25.3_After.jpg KODAK 2383 (EXP + PRINTER POINTS)