PixelTools Light Shaping Collection

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Need a touch of relighting? You'll find everything you need here

Customer Reviews

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Eivind R.
Nice tools for a more efficient workflow

A very nice set of tools that helps me tweak and shape the lighting in post. Instead of having to start from scratch every time I need to set up a gradient, vignette, simulate a flag or similar, I can grab one of these and get the work done much faster. It really speeds up my workflow having a predefined set of tools like these, and time is money!

Pierre-Louis U.
Very useful

I use these powergrade all the time

David E.
So far, seems great.

New to using the tool in Resolve Studio but seems like a great tool.

Peter L.
Outstanding collection

The PowerGrade collection contains everything that you need to create beautiful pieces of art. It helps me to create the right mood of the message that I want to get accross.