PixelTools Light Shaping PowerGrade Collection

PixelTools Light Shaping PowerGrade Collection

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Its like a digital grip kit, but way less weight!
Our secret weapon for realistically shaping light during the color grading process. No need to be fumbling with window controls or softening when you could already be onto the next shot. Simply add one (or multiple in parallel), adjust to taste, and onto the next! 
  • Quick and realistically shape / relight your image faster using 16 unique PowerGrades presets 
    • Drag-n-Drop design for quick adjustment with realistic feedback
    • Not Camera Specific - Works with all cameras and workflows
    • Designed for all workflows - RCM2, ACES, Not Color Managed  ✅ 
    • 3 versions provided of each preset using different tools
    • No plug-ins needed

    Example of PowerGrades Included are:

    1. Flag Top
    2. Flag Bottom
    3. Flag Right
    4. Flag Left
    5. Vignette Mild
    6. Vignette Medium
    7. Vignette Strong
    8. Vignette Intense
    9. Gradient Top 
    10. Gradient Top Right
    11. Gradient Top Left
    12. Gradient Bottom
    13. Gradient Bottom Left
    14. Gradient Bottom Right
    15. Circle Brighten
    16. Circle Darken Outside


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    Don't take our word for it


    The look are more consistent and more flexible compare using LUTs. Jason & his team even take the extra effort to help me with my grade. Personally I think it is a steal

    Y.C YUAN



    PixelTools are a must-have utility anywhere I work. It’s among the first group of PowerGrades I reach for when a client demands something unique and interesting.

    Marc Wielage, C.S.I

    Los Angeles, CA


    These tool(s) are such a great starting point for a grade. [They] give you so much more flexibility than a lut, and I love being able to explore the structure and the content of the nodes.

    Seth M

    New Orleans, Louisiana