DCTL Plug-in Bundle

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All of our DCTL Look Creation Tools bundled in a single collection - with a 15% discount. 

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PixelTools DCTL Plug-in Collection

I purchased the Plug-In Collection a couple of weeks ago. I'm using it in a daily Tv Show and has improved my speed and quality of doing several tasks.
It's a top addition to my gear and i want to congratulate Jason and the rest of the team for such a fantastic tools!

So far so good

I purchased this a few days ago and so far I am impressed with the testing I have done. I will be using the DCTL’s for a project I recently shot in Belgium which will be graded in HDR.

PixelTools DCTL Plug-in Collection

I recently purchased that PixelTools DCTL Plug-in Collection as I wanted to try and use it on a job I was working on. I can say that the huesShift DCTL came through and saved a lot of time change the colours of a background without having to pull a lot of keys and use masks. I would recommend the PixelTool DCTL plugins to anyone wanting to save a little bit of time and for ease of use. The exposure tool was also of benefit in lifting some of the lower exposure on the shots while keeping a nice clean black.


Great set of DCTL - Work faster!

The hueShift DCTL has been a huge addition to my workflow! The ease of which I can get the image looking how I need it to look has made my work better in many aspects. Most importantly, I can work faster. Getting the whole collection is a great value, too.
Thanks Jason!