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Version: Pro
A simple, precise exposure DCTL plug-in without the guesswork.
Control Exposure in Stops
Using exposureTool has not only helped me improve my workflow, but also has allowed me to achieve excellent results in a faster and more efficient manner.

J. Smith

Super fast and easy to use. I love how easy it is to precisely add a bit of detail in the shadows with beautiful roll-off without messing with the black point.

David J.

I’ve made the PixelTools exposure Tool DCTL part of my regular pipeline. I love the ability to set the correct working space and dial in the right fill and roll off. Wonderful results, wonderful tool!

Jarryd H.

I am absolutely happy to be using this tool. It has had a tremendous impact on my workflow. I highly recommend it - a 100% must-have!

David R.

An excellent tool to ease the learning curve and get immediate results.

Mark H.

Compared to Native Resolve Tools

The native resolve tool (offset) results in slightly milky shadows due to to its tendency to raise the black levels.
Our exposureTool DCTL does not have the same issue, allowing you to grade faster.

Offset \ Printer Points

PixelTool exposureTool DCTL


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PixelTools exposureTool DCTL Plug-In

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Customer Reviews

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Andy ter Borg
Pixeltools Exposure Collection

Another great tool from PixelTools that makes color grading easy: speed, control and error-free are the key words for me.

Pierre-Louis U.
really helpful

an easy to use, reliable and well organised set of tools.

Mars Roberge
PixelTools Exposure Collection is great!

I was really impressed with PixelTools Exposure Collection as it made our D.P.’s vision pop more to life. We plan to use this collection on more of our feature films going forward and will out out for their other releases!

Tomas Klimek
Superb saturation helper

Hueshift is a hugely useful tool. I use it in almost every shot. Very stable and effective, easy to use. Heavily recommended.