PixelTools Exposure Collection
PixelTools Exposure Collection
PixelTools Exposure Collection
PixelTools Exposure Collection
PixelTools Exposure Collection
PixelTools Exposure Collection

PixelTools Exposure Collection

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Basic Version Includes:

  • 12 PowerGrades to quickly and accurately adjust exposure. 

  • Designed around traditional photographic language for exposure - stops.

  • Compatible with virtually every camera - Arri, BMD Gen 5, Canon Log, DJI D-Log, Panasonic V-Log, Red Log3G10 (IPP2), Sony S-Log2, Sony S-Log3, and BT1886 (Rec709 Gamma2.4) *Anything supported by Resolve Color Management
  • One-Time Payment, No Subscription, Free Updates
        • Upgrade to Pro for access to exposureTool™, our custom photometrically accurate DCTL developed in collaboration with Kaur Hendrikson (aka KaurH).

        • Seamlessly adjust exposure while keeps black levels consistent (unlike offset / printer points).

        • Unique "Fill Exposure" control allows soft yet targeted exposure adjustment automagically locked below middle gray for the selected tone curve. Great for lifting or lowering detail in the shadows, without affecting the black point or midtones. 

        • Intuitive "Fill Roll-Off" control and visible curve overlay makes it easy to apply additional fill exposure exactly where you want it.

        • Designed specifically for working faster on BMD control surfaces. Simply apply to a node and hit the FX button. Great for fixed node trees!

        • Compatible with a wide variety of cameras - Arri LogC3, Arri LogC4, BMD Gen 5, Canon Log, DJI D-Log, Panasonic V-Log, Red Log3G10 (IPP2), Sony S-Log2, Sony S-Log3, and BT1886 (Rec709 Gamma2.4

        • Compatible with Most Workflows - RCM Color Managed (DWG), ACEScct, ACEScc, Manual Node Based Workflows (DWG, ACEScct, ACEScc, Arri LOGC3 & 4) and traditional Display Referred Gamma 2.4 (non-color managed)

        • Includes 17 exclusive PowerGrades (for each tone curve) to use to use as a starting point for the DCTL, along with the Basic version.

        • Requires DaVinci Resolve Studio (DCTLs do not work on the free version)

        • One Time Payment, No Subscription, Free Updates

        Basic Version:

        • MacOS and Windows: Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 17.4.6+
        • iPad: Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve for iPad 18.1.3+

        Pro Version:

        • MacOS and Windows: Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.4.6+ (Free version not supported)

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 19 reviews
        David Ramirez
        PixelTools Exposure Collection

        Using the Exposure Tool has not only helped me improve my workflow, but has also allowed me to achieve excellent color grading results in a faster and more efficient manner. 100% Recommended

        Great tools

        These tools work really great as they save time and produce great results.

        Nathan Chukueke
        Nicely Growing

        Great tool. It saves time. I look forward to seeing how it evolves. As a retired teacher, I look forward to seeing the instructional material on using the various features of your products be enchanced over time. Thanks

        Thank you for your feedback! We're always happy to get feedback from our customers. We're working on a developing more training materials to help users get the most out of our products.

        Scott Stacy, CSI
        Life Changer

        This is so much better than the limitations inherent with the HDR Exposure dial on my panel. Having access to exposure level, fill exposure, fill roll-off, and being able to see the fill curve is a great addition. Another thing that speeds things up are the PowerGrades that you can pull over with various preset stops +/-. With Live Preview engaged, you can roll across the Powergrades and find a nice starting point. It might be nice to have .25 +/- stops in the future, but that would be my only suggestion, and you can make a .25 stop version yourself in seconds. It’s now in my standard node tree. Nice work, PT.

        Thanks for the great feedback, Scott!

        Real Reviews From Working Professionals


        PixelTools is a must-have utility anywhere I work. It’s among the first group of PowerGrades I reach for when a client demands something unique and interesting.

        Marc Wielage

        These are such a great starting point for a grade. It gives you so much more flexibility than a lut, and I love being able to explore the structure and the content of the nodes.

        Seth Mathews

        The Film Lab PowerGrade is a powerful set of tools that beats LUTs. These nodes are customizable down to the core.

        John Palaganas

        The PowerGrades Jason and his team have developed are exceptional. What I like most (apart from being able to quickly audition several looks) is that I can view each node and either fine-tune to my liking or to learn how the looks are being put together. Great work

        Rob Bergqvist