PixelTools Film Lab PowerGrade Collection

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Build your own Film Print Emulation (FPE) workflow, color timer not included. 

Customer Reviews

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Marc W.
A big part of my basic grade kit

Useful powergrades can help cut hours of your color session time. PixelTools are a standard part of my Resolve system, and they help give you a great finishing touch on any project.

Umar M.
Expertly put together

After learning about PixelTools (thanks Darren) and then eyeing the film lab collection for a while I finally had to get it and what a set of Powergrades.
As non-destructive, editable grades you can apply and tweak to suit your needs. The best bit is to take a look at how they built it all up to understand more about what goes into emulating a film look.
The utilities are great as they give you specific elements you can drop into your own work when you only need a bit of something rather than the entire package.

Rishi G.
Love these tools

I bought these powergrades to get more insight into building out effective node trees! Definitely an excellent investment!

Mark W.
PixelTools Film Lab PowerGrade Collection Rocks!

Some of the best Resolve PowerGrades to help get that film look faster! Can’t go wrong.