PixelTools Film Lab Collection

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Simon Sonne
Great tool

The Hue/Shift is an amazing tool for adjusting and fine tuning color in Resolve. Expecially the color density-tap does incredible things!

Luca Vaccani
Great Looks and Tools

I'm still going through all the looks, but so far so good.

Michael Rothermel
Great tool to have in your toolbox

As an editor who often color grades as well, this has been an invaluable addition to my arsenal! This gives you a great place to start and is easy to use, however is definitely robust.

Mohamed Ali
The best digital purchase I made in 2023...

At first I was a little skeptical... then like you I watched dozens of videos but with the DEMO version I quickly realised that I had finally found the tool I needed to make my videos more lively and organic! no more bland skies and an abcense of texture in the clouds and no more pale green on the grass! I've found my companion for the Wow effect that I've been looking for a long time without ever finding anything about saturation subtraction!