Vol. 1 PowerGrade Collection

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The #1 Recommended PowerGrade "Starter" Kit for DaVinci Resolve

Applied to Arri "Isabella" Test Image for Reference

Sample of PowerGrades Included

No Color Grade

Kodak 3


No Color Grade



Customer Reviews

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Jared B.
PixelTools Vol.1 Powergrade Collection

I bought these powergrades to see how fast my workflow would change and it was a success! I was able to creat color grades and looks much quicker and efficiently, spending less time creating node trees and more time being creative! I really enjoyed this product.

Marc W.
A big part of my basic grade kit

Useful powergrades can help cut hours of your color session time. PixelTools are a standard part of my Resolve system, and they help give you a great finishing touch on any project.

Don W.
PixelTools Vol. 1 PowerGrade Collection

PixelTools Vol. 1 PowerGrade Collection seems pretty nice so far. looks like it can be a great time saver and can speed up my workflow. It also looks like a great way to understand resolve node structure. I also appreciate pixeltools for offering a complimentary license to their Light Shaping PowerGrade Collection for exchange of this review. Thank you.

Umar M.
Invest in yourself

As Powergrades these are infinitely more useful than a LUT as you can tailor the individual qualities that go into creating them.
They're also professionally put together so you can also see how they did each bit and learn more about the overall process of building a reliable grade.
You can drag, drop and be done but learning is what motivated me to purchase these.