PixelTools splitTone RGB™ DCTL Plug-In

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Version: Basic
The easiest method to create split-tone looks, period

      Sample of Look Presets (Pro Version Only)

      No Color Grade

      Sunset Preset


      No Color Grade

      Cool Warm Split Preset


      No Color Grade

      Chill Preset


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      splitTone RGB™ DCTL

      5 Preset Looks

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 31 reviews
      John K.
      Split Tone RGB DCTL

      I am a recent purchaser but I have been using this excellent plugin to build a look library for some recurring jobs I have. I also use the presets as a start and adjust the amount using the keyer function in Resolve.

      Joshua T.
      Transform Your Video with PixelTools SplitTone RGB

      PixelTools SplitTone RGB is a game-changer for anyone using DaVinci Resolve and wanting to spice up their videos with cool color effects. These DCTLs let you easily tweak the colors and craft a professional look. If you're serious about making your videos pop, you gotta check out PixelTools SplitTone RGB DCTLs!

      Felix W.
      Awesome Creative Tool and Time Saver

      First off, these tools feel like a game-changer for creatives like me. What's really cool about them is how they amp. up productivity without cutting corners on your creativity. Whether I'm tweaking the hues for that perfect mood or balancing shadows in a dimly lit scene, the tool's intuitive interface makes it a breeze, like having a digital assistant that knows exactly how to get what I want for a polished look.
      The tools don't just correct colors; they open up a playground for experimentation. You can toy around with different moods and atmospheres, something I enjoy doing a lot. It's like giving your footage a unique voice without the usual grunt work. The productivity boost is noticeable too as you're spending less time bringing your vision to life. It's smooth, efficient, and, to be honest, kind of fun to use.
      Pixel Tools has hit the sweet spot between functionality and creativity. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about enjoying the process and pushing your creative boundaries.

      Paul B.
      Quickly Fix Color Imbalances

      PixelTools splitTone RGB™ DCTL Plug-In is able to quickly fix color imbalances in the highlights ("Hi" controls) and in the shadows ("Lo" controls), in a conservative manner, without "skewing" the image. On one clip, I needed to fix the highlights. On a different clip, I needed to fix the shadows. It made quick work of it: easier and more efficient than manipulating the curves manually. In the future, I will play around with creative looks, at the moment, this DCTL tool has "hit the ground running" and saved me time in post/color grade. Thank you Jason!